By digging deeper into the cause of ALS, and studying the varying sub-forms of the disease, we are developing precision medications that can effectively cure ALS. The three sub-forms of ALS we are currently developing precision medicine for are:

ALS Progression


ALS has a devastating impact on patients and families. Through DNA analysis and clinical studies we now know that there are a number of sub-forms of ALS that should be treated with a precision medicine to have success. Through our work with stem cells from ALS patients and our close collaborators in the clinic and the world-wide ALS research community we have identified three sub-forms of ALS for which we have identified the disease cause. A large group of ALS patients have a hyperactive motor system which leads to rapid disease progression. We are developing a medicine to bring this activity back to normal levels. There is a sub-form of ALS patients that have a malfunctioning cellular waste clearance system. QurAlis is developing a medicine to boost this system to clear toxic proteins from the motor neurons in these patients. The largest group of genetically identifiable ALS patients who have C9orf72 mutations generate large amounts of toxic proteins. QurAlis is developing a device that clears these toxic proteins from the brain and spinal fluids.
For ALS patients in the Tri-state area, please visit the website of the MAC Angels for more information and support:

ALS Natural Treatment


The mission of QurAlis is to cure ALS using precision medicine. ALS is a destructive disease which causes muscle paralysis through degeneration of the motor system. An ALS diagnosis is a death sentence to patients, with a predicted life expectancy of about 3 years following diagnosis. ALS can affect anyone.


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