Board of Directors

Amy W. Schulman

Polaris Partners​

Amy Schulman is a managing partner at Polaris Partners, focusing on investments in healthcare companies. She is currently executive chair of Lyndra Therapeutics, where she was co-founder and the company’s initial CEO, as well as SQZ Biotech. Amy represents Polaris as a director of Cyclerion (NASDAQ: CYCN), Dewpoint Therapeutics, Kallyope, Volastra, Thirty Madison, and ByHeart. She joined Polaris in 2014, assuming the role of CEO of the Polaris-backed Arsia Therapeutics (now Eagle Pharmaceuticals). She also manages the LS Polaris Innovation Fund. Prior to joining Polaris, Amy was the general counsel of Pfizer, president of Pfizer Nutrition, and was instrumental in its $11.85B sale to Nestle in 2012. Soon after, she became the president of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.

Amy has received numerous awards including Xconomy’s 2017 Newcomer Award, Scientific American’s 2015 Worldview 100 List, Fierce Biotech’s 2014 Top 15 Women in Biotech, and Fortune Magazine’s 2013 50 Most Powerful Women in Business. She is a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School and serves on the board of directors of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ALNY).