Chris Thomajan

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Thomajan is chief financial officer (CFO) at QurAlis and also managing partner at TechCXO Boston, a professional services firm that provides experienced, C-suite professionals to deliver outsourced, strategic consulting services for technology companies. Chris has deep experience working in the biotechnology sector and has been the founding CFO for outstanding companies such as Relay Therapeutics (RLAY), Keros Therapeutics (KROS), Catabasis Pharmaceuticals (CATB), Ribometrix, and Cyteir Therapeutics.

Prior to joining TechCXO, Chris was a founding partner with America’s Growth Capital, a boutique investment bank, and the founding CFO for both Asurion Corporation and Delphi Internet Services, a pioneering Internet company acquired by News Corporation in 1993. Chris holds an MBA from Columbia University and a BA from Dartmouth College.