Angela Genge, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Angela Genge has served as the Executive Director of the Clinical Research Unit at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital since 2004 and Director of its ALS clinic since 1998. Her exceptional care and management of ALS studies have led her to be the recipient of the 2018 Forbes Norris Award. Under her direction, the Clinical Research Unit has evolved to contain a first-of-its-kind Phase 1 Unit dedicated to neurological diseases, as well as an ALS Global Center of Excellence and the Excellence in Rare Neurological Disease Clinical Trials Effort (ERADICATE) Network, both of which will fuel the drug discovery pipeline and accelerate the development of new therapies for rare and terminal neurological diseases.
Dr. Genge specializes in Clinical Trial Design and Development for rare neurological conditions with a particular emphasis on ALS/MND. Through this, she has come to act as the Global Principle Investigator for AL-S Pharma and Scientific Director of CATALIS Quebec and Chief Medical Officer for QurAlis, as well as previously acting as the Distinguished Clinical Investigator for Novartis Global. She also sits on numerous advisory boards and data and safety monitoring boards.

Throughout her career, Dr. Genge has received numerous awards due to her work and her patients. Most recently, this has included the 2018 Forbes Norris Award, the DIVA of Distinction Award, the YMCA Woman of the Year Award and the Governor General Diamond Jubilee Award.