Manuel A. Navia, Ph.D.

Drug Development Adviser

Dr. Manuel Navia is President of Hub-Bio Strategic Advising, a company he started in 2003, working with a number of pharmaceutical companies primarily in the Greater Boston area. He is an Executive-in-residence at the venture capital firm Oxford Bioscience Partners in Boston, and is a co-founder of eXIthera Pharmaceuticals. eXIthera is implementing a structure-based drug design (SBDD) virtual company strategy to develop inhibitors of Factor XIa in the coagulation cascade as antithrombotic agents. Their lead compound recently completed Phase 1 clinical trials. Until 2003, he was Executive Vice President for Research at Essential Therapeutics, formed in 2001 through the merger of The Althexis Company and Microcide Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Navia was a founder of Althexis in 1997, and served as its President and Chief Executive Officer prior to the merger. Dr. Navia is an expert in the field of X-ray crystallography, and has focused his career on the application of structural biology to the design and development of novel therapeutic agents, including a number of approved and marketed drugs as well as drug candidates in advanced clinical trials. Dr. Navia served as a member of the Advisory Council of the Office of AIDS Research at the National Institutes of Health from its inception in 1996 to 2000, and chaired the Therapeutic Research Working Group. He was vice-chair of the 2014 Drug Resistance Gordon Research Conference and co-chair of the 2016 Conference.